It's my pleasure to introduce ourselves and to meet you all of you in on-line.

Mogae Textile is the Korea's number one Textile company and leads changes in fabrics for footwear and  garments. Mogae Textile was established in 1975 and has been endeavoring to constantly renovate itself for over 40 years in knitting, dyeing and finishing. In the meantime, we're concentraing its effort in quality enhancement.

 We are the specialized textile company that have excellent human resources and utilities. And also through the accumulated know-how, assuring the product quality and have been focusing on the high grade production. Mogae Textile has grown into one the industry leaders thanks to cutting-edge technology and top product quality.

 We will continue to expand world wide manufacturing and sales operations and ensure high customer satisfaction. Mogae Textile will be here for our customers all the time.
Thank you.


Mogae Textile Co., Ltd.,  was established in 1975  and aims to be a world leading textile company and devotes our human resources and technology to creat superior products and services.  We are fully equipped with advanced management systems through all processes from knitting to completing products and are reasonably managed as well as. We operates dyeing factory, knitting factory and R&D Center.

We are making every efforts to meet the customer requirements by regarding customer satisfaction as our most important mission.